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fridayyyy :]

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Jan. 19th, 2007 | 05:16 pm

I kind of... punched someone today. I have never hit anyone before... not properly. I left dents in his face, and I’m not strong at all! Maybe wearing rings is a bad idea. I hate to say it but it felt so good seeing him in pain. His name is Jamie and he is kind of new to our school, he is a proper chav though! He thought I’d just let him try to trip me up, and call me an emo, but I didn’t. I annoyed his brother also because I hate OTT camp boys that are just looking for attention. Aren’t I a bitch?

Sam, Ben and the other Ben were still being all weird to me today, I was not amused. I think they think I’m easy and I’m totally NOT. They seem to find it funny that I hold hands with Shelley too… wtf! They are just jealous. Shelley is sleeping over tomorrow night. I asked her to prom and she said yes!

My diet is getting worse and worse, today I had CHIPS! Then came home and ate chocolate! I’m never going to lose weight, NEVER! Tomorrow Shelley will be like ew your fat and then I will cry. Nah... She’s lovely and I doubt she would even care. I still want to lose weight though.

I’m off to untangle my hair extensions now

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(no subject)

from: girlunknowable
date: Jan. 21st, 2007 08:51 pm (UTC)

sometimes a girl just has to be violent

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